Thursday, June 18, 2015

What I ate today in Roskilde

 On the way to the main train station, I saw this truck removing the old pastry and bringing in fresh ones. They looked so good.
 The coffee shop was only opened at 7.30am and so I waited. When it was time I started to walk back to the coffee shop but I was stopped by this display table. It was election day.
 The guy smiled and asked if I'd like a pastry. I said, yes. Coffee? Yes, please. So I had my fill before I even got near the coffee shop. So I turned and headed for the train station. At the train station, another candidate was there to hand out free packages. I took one, it had a pen, some brochures and another pastry. Boy, did I make out this morning. At Roskilde I needed food at noon, found this hole in the wall place. He had only cheese cakes and coffee..
 He said, the only food he had was bread and cheese. So I had a coffee and some bread and cheese for 50DK (USD9) Things are expensive here.

 On the way back I did go back to the first coffee shop to buy a bun, a Kobenhagenbolle, whatever that means.
I didn't go in this frau frau place.

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