Thursday, June 11, 2015

Keswick, Lake district, England

I left York this morning on an early train, had to change trains at Manchester, then it was onward to Penrith. Penrith is the closest train station to the Lake district. From Penrith I caught a bus for Keswick.Keswick is the biggest town in the Lake district and there are a lot of services here. There are buses to all the villages that dot the various lakes. You can buy a day pass called an explorers' pass for 10.80 pounds, make up your own itinerary, jump on and jump off the various buses. If you like a place, stay longer and hang out if not hop on to the next bus and the next. Some of the villages are near water and you can take lake cruises. It was such a beautiful day though I have heard reports that its not going to last. I came in without any reservations for the hostel. Surprisingly there are a few hostels here but the YHA could only put me up for tonight. So I walked a little distance to another hostel. That's where I'm going to stay for the next 2 days. If I can't get a hostel I can stay in any of the numerous Guest houses. The whole place is full of them. I didn't hang out in Keswick but decided it was early in the day, took a bus to Ambleside. I heard it was pretty but I didn't find it delightful. On the way to Ambleside we passed Grassmere. It was way prettier, so I took the bus to go back to it. It was pretty.

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