Friday, June 26, 2015

Carl and Karin Larsson's home and garden, Sundborn

 I left Stockholm this morning by train and arrived in Falun at around 11am. I found an expensive hotel. There is not much in the form of services for tourist except there was a very nice information office. The hotel said they'll throw in free breakfast and dinner, can't beat that because I didn't see any place to eat that is inviting. Then I took the bus out to Sundborn to Carl Larsson's house. Sundborn is just a traffic circle with a few nondescript shops, then you just cross the road to the signs that say 'Carl Larsson garden.

 The whole area is cuteness personified. The family still owns everything and still lives here or comes here once in a while.
 I needed some lunch, I pointed to these, she said, 'you want the horse meat sandwich?'
 Oh no, said I and opted for the salmon sandwich.

 There are lupines growing wild everywhere.
This is the house but we weren't allowed to take any photos inside. The house is so pretty, so full of their personality.

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