Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sandhamn, near Stockholm

 The Stockholm archipelago is full of little islands where the locals have their summer cottages. Every one or almost everyone has a summer cottage somewhere and they go there in the summer. Its no different in Sandhamn and they are building more. Its really beautiful, your cottage faces the sea and behind you are the woods. Imagine waking up to the sea in front, smell the rows and rows of lilacs in bloom in May and June and in the ungroomed patches of grass are found white daisies and blue and pink Lupines. What paradise! I can get use to it.

 Lilac bushes are found in abundance here on the island of Sandhamn.
 I went to this cute little boutique restaurant, kind of expensive but I didn't care. It was so pleasant, it made feel like I'm one of them.

 I had a very expensive shrimp salad and a pear cider for USD35.00. That's my meal allowance for one day, now I've to go without dinner. Just kidding!
 There are Lupines growing wild everywhere which is so delightful.
Lots of fancy yachts are berthed here and kids are having drinking parties in them. What a life. I want that!
Maybe this run down place is affordable!

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