Friday, June 12, 2015

Hawkshead, the Lake District, England

 I saw these huge cakes at the window of this tear room, they were gigantic.
 Hawkshead is the village from where one goes to Hill Top farm, the old home of Beatrix Potter. After the death of Norman Warne, the man she was secretly engaged to, she retreated to the Lake district, bought Hill Top farm with the proceeds from the sale of her books. People thought she was crazy, what did she know about sheep raising. But as time went on she would buy up more farm land in the area. She lived here until she married William Neelis, a local lawyer and farmer. Together they amassed numerous acreage. When they both died they left everything to the National Trust.

From the little museum I found out how to get to Hill Top farm, there is a shuttle that takes you there but the house was closed today. Hawkshead itself is a very delightful village.

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