Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hanging out in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

 My morning always starts with coffee and a bun and this case is a Cardamon bun, very delicious too.
 Lunch and I try to eat something light but its not always possible. I see something I needed to try and I order it. Here is a mozarella tomato sandwich on a seeded bun, coffee and a slice of Swedish Princess cake. The cake is the fluffiest whipped cream and sponge cake covered by a layer of green (pistachio) marzipan and oh so delectable. This is hard work, my feet and toes hurt, I'm lost all the time and I eat too much!
 I see unusual people and I walk up to them to ask them permission to take their picture. This couple sings at street corners.
 People are always coming and going, Gamla Stan is the old part of Stockholm and in the day time it is inundated with tourists but my hostel is right smack in Gamla Stan.
 There are cute shops among the usual tourist kitsch.

As seen in and around the hostel. Its Sunday and for me I'm taking it easy. I leave for Visby on the island of Gotland tomorrow by ferry. Today the weather is gorgeous.

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