Friday, June 12, 2015

Dove cottage, William Wordsworth, Grasmere, Lake district

 Dove cottage in the village of Grasmere in England's Lake district. Here lived years ago one of the world's most beloved poet. He said he never wrote anything when he wasn't inspired but Dove cottage has everything that inspired him. His sited, Dorothy planted the gardens around the house, she kept a diary of everything that went on. From his poems it was evident that he depended on her notes and have lifted some of her words.

 The view from the house. I'm so glad they allowed photos.
 The view from the back of the house, in the early days before the area became built up, one can see Grasmere lake from the house.
 This is the path that led to the woods on top. Wordsworth found lots to inspire him here.

They lived here till after the birth of his third child and then it became too small because he and his wife went on to have 5 children. After that the house was taken over by his friend, Thomas de Quincy. The museum is also incredible. I was rushing everything today because I had to rush back to town to see about my room situation. So I got a dorm bed for tonight and tomorrow night and I'm working on this right now at the hostel. I have one more day but I could stay forever.

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