Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Helsigor, North Zealand, Denmark

 Its across the channel from its sister city in Sweden, Helsingborg and ferries goes back and forth between them. I watched as one ferry loaded up with people and cars and headed out over to Sweden and I saw its counterpart coming over the water. It just went back and forth regularly. Cruise ships also dock here. It was quite dead when I arrived early this morning but soon after the buses began to deposit their load of tourists from the cruise ships. They spoke English (Americans) Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I see the type of people who takes cruises and I said to myself, 'I'll never be one of them!' I'm kind of a snob!
 The beautiful train station in Helsigor.

 The most prominent feature in Helsigor is the Kronberg castle, sitting high on a mound. There are no hills here so the highest place is a mound and there is a moat that surround it. It wasn't opened and so a lot of us just walked round it. I never got in.

I did go in the Maritime museum. It is built right in a dry dockyard and the way its done is very impressive. Denmark has a very important maritime history and a proud one too. They grow many things and the growing season is short so a lot of things have over its history being brought in by ships. They were active in both WWI and WWII. Maersk is the biggest container shipping company in the world and the CEO at Maersk was given a title by the state only reserved for royalty. Shipping has been and still is important to Denmark.

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