Saturday, June 06, 2015

The temple, London

 A little patch of wild meadow in the middle of a vast green space and herbaceous borders.
I arrived yesterday and was so jet lagged but it didn't stop me from joining a free walking tour. It wasn't free, it required a donation but it was still worth it. We went to the embankment of the river Thames to the 'city of London' to an area called 'the temple'. 'The temple' is a remnant of a legacy of the Knights Templar. I happened upon a patch of green space between some incredible buildings. This was what I came to London to see. I've been to London many times but I still want to see some quintessential English gardens. I thought I had to go far out of London to see it. But within London there are patches of country gardens and this was among the biggest I've seen. I love it that they leave a patch wild. Its quite customary to have a patch of wild meadow. I'm glad I went on this tour. This wasn't an area I would normally go to. Today was meet up with family, my cousins and aunts. I went for an evensong service at Westminister Cathedral and that was so meaningful and beautiful, I cried. I'm going to Cambridge tomorrow as a day trip.

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