Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What I ate in Visby today

 I went looking for this place that was mentioned in Lonely Planet. I was too early and it was raining. So I walked and walked until it was time. I pigged out, sat down and ordered....
 Swedish pancakes with jam and whipped cream
 Saffron pancakes or 'saffronnpannkaka' with lingonberry jam and whipped cream. They were both so good.
 Here is my saffron pancakes, its a Gotland specialty. When you come to Gotland, this is what you must try. It was very good. I was stuffed. Now I have to walk it off.
 I didn't want anything heavy for lunch. I walked around checking out every place. Nothing.... until I saw this fish place.

 Cute and intimate little place.
I had their fish soup which was so good, light, simple and so delicate. I kept wondering as I ate each spoonful, why I never cooked fish soup at home. I know now its going to feature very often in my home cooking when I get home. Fish soup, Swedish style!

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