Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My home base in Visby

 I have more electronic equipment than clothes, my laptop, Kindle, iPhone and camera and their cables, everything is taking their turn to be charged.
 I have to provide my own sheets and pillow case. They didn't say anything about a duvet cover. This is how a digital nomad travel these days. All I need is my laptop and an Internet connection and I'm good to go.
 I love the way they leave patches of dirt between the house and the pavement where they can plant all kinds of flowers.
 Yesterday the sun was shining and the Baltic sea was a brilliant blue. Today its been raining and its a dull grey. The only thing loving it were the ducks.

I can't get over the way the roses climb up the walls. I love it here. I've been out the whole day in spite of the rain.

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