Tuesday, June 09, 2015

York Minister, York

York has a very varied history, the Vikings were here then the Romans just to name a few people who has added to its history. There was an ancient Roman settlement here when the Romans moved Northwards to build Hadrian's wall. Constantinius Chlorus was sent here as one of the Tetrachs set up by Diocletian. He had a heart attack and died here and his son, Constantine came here. He later became Emperor Constantine. There was an old Norman church built in the same place but it wasn't grand enough and the present Gothic structure was built over everything else. A Minister is a church that dents out missionaries. Today this place is second in importance to the Canterbury Cathedral. The undertakings, both financial and staffing is massive, requiring millions of pounds plus the ongoing renovations. It boasts of some of the loveliest stained glass in christendom. This place teems with visitors from all over the world. There are lots of Chinese visitors. Somehow the Chinese became the dominant group of visitors from any part of the world. Amazing, how things have changed.

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